Why make a Claim?

2,500,000 Could Claim

There were over 800,000 new BMW's sold or leased in the UK between 2009 - July 2016 and any owner of these vehicles (either from new or pre owned) can make a claim whether you owned or leased the car and whether you still have the car now or not. This means there are over 2,500,000 people who can claim

No Risk and No Cost

This claim will be taken to BMW as a group action case meaning there will be a high number of similar claims decided on one ruling. The lawyers will act on a no win - no fee basis meaning there is no cost to you, the lawyers fees are paid from compensation recovered from BMW

Top Legal Experts

You (the group) will be represented by a leading law firm from London with experience of handling and winning group action cases against large global corporate companies - giving you a higher chance of winning compensation

What Have BMW Done Wrong?

The Emissions cheat scandal or DieselGate is an issue in which BMW (and other car manufacturers) are accused of deceptive practices with regards to their diesel cars. A “defeat device” or “cheat device” was fitted for the strict emissions tests. The test results for the cars that were tested were not accurate, and this allowed them to pass the test with a lower reading and thus making them legal to be on the road. The NOx emissions being released is significantly higher than that recorded so anyone who purchased the vehicle in an effort to be more environmentally friendly have been deceived and actually caused more harm. The car's performance is also worse than advertised with lower mileage per gallon and increased fuel consumption which has added more expense to the owner.